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Primary Care           Wellness         Digital Health


I am a primary care physician practicing at Wellesley Family Care Associates, an affiliate of Newton-Wellesley Hospital, part of the Partners Healthcare Network. In addition to practicing clinical medicine, I have an interest in using design and technology and to enhance patient care and help patients reach their health goals, while decreasing provider administrative burden. I serve my patients and colleagues as Innovation Director for Primary care at Newton-Wellesley. I am also proud to work as the clinical expert for Partners Healthcare Pivot Labs, where cutting edge innovation is connecting patients and healthcare teams like never before. 

Furthermore, I am the co-founder and co-director of Wellness @WFCA, a 12-week wellness program focused on creating sustainable positive health changes.  I am also active in teaching for Tufts Medical School and University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

I have developed this site to highlight some of my work and a means of connecting with others and sharing my thoughts.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and reach out if you would interested in consultations and/or collaborations.