In addition to practicing clinical medicine as a primary care physician, I have a strong interest in leveraging technology and design thinking to improve healthcare experiences for patients, providers, and staff.  The idea behind "Connected Health" involves treating patients at home and in the community.  With our current generation of AI, fitness trackers, smartphones, and secure email/messaging, patients are more connected than ever.  However, the healthcare system has lagged significantly.  How wonderful would it be to be able to Skype with your doctor, have your blood pressure managed remotely, and email a photo of your rash to your physician?  While we are making strides, we have a long way to go in terms of access, security, and reimbursement.  In the long run, this model could save significant money for the US healthcare system while providing higher quality, more convenient patient care.

I'm proud to be a consulting clinical expert for Partners Healthcare Pivot Labs.  They are doing cutting edge research in this area and have done fantastic work around connected health innovations.  

In addition to my work at Partners, I am available for consultant work around the subject of primary care, innovation and digital health.  Please email me at if you would like to learn more.